Ocean Wise – Food & Sustainability

I love eating especially when it comes to my seafood. When I was on Exchange this past semester, I barely had a chance to eat my favorites such as salmon and shrimp because they were quite expensive especially since I was on a budget. Coming back to Vancouver was something that I looked forward to, especially my favorite seafood dish in Cactus Club called Soy-Dijon Ocean Wise Salmon. Besides the obvious deliciousness of the salmon, what’s so special about it? Cactus Club has partnered with an initiative called Ocean Wise that educates consumers about the issues surrounding sustainable seafood. It has partnered with numerous restaurants, food services, markets and seafood suppliers all over Lower Mainland to make sure that they make ocean-friendly buying decisions. The Ocean Wise logo is visible on product packaging and menus of businesses participating.

Here’s an excerpt of a blog post from Cactus Club about adding this dish to their Ocean Wise initiative:

The Steelhead salmon are farmed in Lois Lake, BC and have gained the highly coveted Ocean Wise certificate. The still water Steelhead are fed with organic feed, rich in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids with no antibiotics or growth hormones.With businesses partnering up with Ocean Wise, this is a great way for businesses in Vancouver to lend a hand in helping preserve the ocean.

Source: http://www.cactusclubcafe.com/2011/02/soy-dijon-ocean-wise-salmon-2/

Soy-Dijon Ocean Wise Salmon by Cactus Club

With businesses partnering up with Ocean Wise, this is a great for them to help promote the cause and save the ocean for the future generation.


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