Vancouver Convention Centre – Architecture & Sustainability

After my team and I did a presentation on Environmental and Global Trends and featured the Vancouver Convention Centre – West building as a certified platinum LEED building, I decided that I should go and check it out. I’ve always admired the Convention Centre from the inside and saw how cool and artistic the architecture is and the art paintings it has. This time around, I looked at the building from the outside, stood up on a higher platform and finally saw the green roof on top of the West Building of the Convention Centre. It is amazing how our society continues to adapt to sustainable trends and practices around the globe.

Vancouver Convention Centre Green Roof

So what has Vancouver Convention Centre done to make it LEED Certified?

  • Recycling Program: the VCC recycles 180,000 kg of materials annually. This includes batteries, wood, metal, glass, plastic, among others.
  • Sustainable Food Program: the VCC uses local food ingredients without additives and its “Happy Earth” menu consists of certified organic and free-range food options and it also encourages its food suppliers to use reusable containers to deliver their products.
  • Energy Conservation Program: the VCC has achieved several certificates for their energy conservation practices. The BC Hydro designated the VCC as a Power Smart Convention Centre after converting to energy-efficient lighting, HVAC and energy control systems
  • Design Features: the VCC’s West building features a marine habitat, an advanced drainage water and recovery system and a seawater heating and cooling system. The water collected from the drainage system is used for irrigation during the summer months. Its six acre green roof has more than 400 indigenous plants and grasses on top of four beehives.

Other LEED certified buildings in Canada include the Richmond Olympic Oval in Richmond, Stratus Winery in Ontario, and the Vancouver Island Technology Park in Victoria.


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