Lively Nuremberg

One quick post before the start of another week. Today was Week 8 in Nuremberg and so many things had happened for the past several weeks. The city had been lively with different events going on such as:

Radrennen – Bike race around Old Town taken from outside my window

Close up view of the bike race

Trempelmarkt – Germany’s biggest flea market 

And my most favorite of all…

Nuremberg’s Alstadfest (Old Town Festival)!

Beer gardens

Eating their Bavarian food

Candy and sweets stall

Nightly live concert – we caught the Bee Gees and ABBA night

Enjoying Red beer and Hugo in one of the tents

Altstadfest is a great warm-up before the biggest beer festival of all, Oktoberfest this coming Sunday. Can’t wait until the girls (Raissa and Diana) come over to Nuremberg!! What a perfect time as I got the homesick pangs today and it will be great to see some familiar faces from home. Looking forward to this week. Auf Wiedersehen!









Pork and red wine stew – a perfect Sunday night meal

Here I am, sitting at our kitchen table, writing this post as I wait for the stew that I’m cooking to finish. I’m making a pork and red wine stew for Siofra (my flatmate) and I and I hope it would taste yummy and we will not get drunk from it 😛

Pork and red wine stew

Siofra made potato wedges (spuds) too.

Potato wedges/spuds!

An hour later and a 20-minute Skype chat with my sister, our Sunday dinner looks yum yum and ready to be eaten.

Sunday night meal – pork and red wine stew with potato wedges

Siofra enjoying her meal!

I do find cooking oddly therapeutic especially after a long day at work. It’s nice to come home and spend an hour or two just cooking and eating my homemade meal. Hence why I decided to have a new goal during my time here in Nuremberg: to be comfortable with my cooking and be able to openly share it with other people. Siofra lent me her Jamie Oliver cookbook and I’m on a mission to be a better cook and baker by six months time.

My cooking guide for the next 6 months

Here comes Debbie, an aspiring chef! My dad will be happy to hear about this.

P.S. I’m tackling on an Indian curry dish this week. Let’s see how it goes! Tschüs 🙂