Reflection on a Big Day

Yesterday was the big day and I still can’t get over how amazing and awesome it was. After reflecting on yesterday’s ceremony and looking over the pictures for the tenth time, it made me think how much had changed. Besides the usual things like the Sauder building and the 480 bus route that changed over the years, the young teenager who entered UBC is now a young adult today.

One of my favorite moments from yesterday was the speech that our fellow graduate said. “It is not what we had done, what we are doing and what we will do. After all, we are human beings and not human doings.” This led to the questions of being who we are and what we had become by doing these things. As Sauder students, we are encouraged to do our best and seize as many opportunities that come our way. By doing these, we forget to reflect on the person inside, ourselves, who we really are and what we have become. I experienced this “human doings” situation, after all I am human, but I am happy that this speech pulled me back to that the question of who I really am and this was something that I brought with me when I went on exchange. Going on exchange was the defining moment of my undergraduate studies as it led me to understanding myself more and seeing the world in a different light.

I would not have changed the past five years. I am grateful for all the moments that shaped me and for each person who came across my path and made a difference in my life no matter how big or how small it was. To my parents, siblings and friends, thank you so much for all the love and support. To my fellow Sauder graduates of 2013, I am going to miss all of you. Stay in touch and until we all see each other again!

This is it…Debbie Jessica Uy Chan, BCom

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“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13