Happy Thanksgiving, all the way from Deutschland!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadians living in Canada, Germany and all over the world! Today, I’m grateful for all the things He has given me – my loving family, supportive friends and my new home and adventure for the next little while. Today marks my ninth week in Nuremberg and I’m really loving it. Living and being a part of this old and small city for a longer time now has made me appreciate its beauty even more.

My friends and I actually had an early Thanksgiving dinner this past Wednesday. Since it was a bank holiday in Germany (National Reunification Day), it was a perfect day to cook, eat and be merry. Luckily, my flatmate agreed to hosting a Canadian Thanksgiving potluck dinner at our flat (yay!). Here are some pictures from that lovely sunny day.

Chicken time!

Tomas carving the chicken for us

Ruby’s Mushroom and Nut Wellington. So good!!

Lovely friends

Sarah serving us her pumpkin soup

More friends!

Our Thanksgiving Feast! Carbs overload

Chocolate and almond cake for dessert. YUM!

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Give your family and friends a big hug.


Pork and red wine stew – a perfect Sunday night meal

Here I am, sitting at our kitchen table, writing this post as I wait for the stew that I’m cooking to finish. I’m making a pork and red wine stew for Siofra (my flatmate) and I and I hope it would taste yummy and we will not get drunk from it 😛

Pork and red wine stew

Siofra made potato wedges (spuds) too.

Potato wedges/spuds!

An hour later and a 20-minute Skype chat with my sister, our Sunday dinner looks yum yum and ready to be eaten.

Sunday night meal – pork and red wine stew with potato wedges

Siofra enjoying her meal!

I do find cooking oddly therapeutic especially after a long day at work. It’s nice to come home and spend an hour or two just cooking and eating my homemade meal. Hence why I decided to have a new goal during my time here in Nuremberg: to be comfortable with my cooking and be able to openly share it with other people. Siofra lent me her Jamie Oliver cookbook and I’m on a mission to be a better cook and baker by six months time.

My cooking guide for the next 6 months

Here comes Debbie, an aspiring chef! My dad will be happy to hear about this.

P.S. I’m tackling on an Indian curry dish this week. Let’s see how it goes! Tschüs 🙂

Cartems Donuterie – Food & Sustainability

Last class, our discussion revolved around product strategy and different product considerations for sustainability used by companies around the world. One consideration that struck me the most is buying local. Buying local food is well encouraged in our society today. In one of my classes, a student mentioned that his parents live in a rural area where their produce is delivered to their door everyday. But, how is that different to a big urban city like Vancouver? It is definitely harder for us to get local produce especially when we have to get them from different parts of the Lower Mainland, for example, blueberries from Richmond, milk from Burnaby. On the flip side, we still have to look at the brighter side of things and search for people who actually make it happen – people who buy local produce. During my Creativity class, my professor mentioned that one of his past students started a donut store recently in Gastown and is already making 750 donuts a day. It made me wonder what is so special about this donut place that is causing such a commotion in the Twitterverse! Let me introduce you to Cartems Donuterie.

Cartems Donuterie is not your traditional donut store. Its donuts flavours are so fun and creative. For example, the donut called Earl Grey is a donut infused with organic earl grey tea with earl grey glaze and mallow flowers, which are the purple flowers in earl grey tea. They also have a Bacon Bourbon donut. That flavour definitely sounds interesting!

Different donut flavours of Cartems Donuterie

So what make Cartems different from other donut stores? All of its donuts are freshly made each day and they are a healthy alternative to the traditional fried donuts. Besides their donuts being fried in organic coconut oil, they also offer vegan, gluten-free and baked donuts. Most importantly, its ingredients are sourced locally. Below is a snippet of where they get their ingredients from:

Flour comes from Anita’s Organic Mill (Chilliwack), our eggs are from Rabbit River Farms (Richmond), butter comes from Golden Ears Farms (Maple Ridge), our milk is from Avalon Dairy (Burnaby) , and our spices come from Gathering Place Trading Company on Cortes Island.

Cartems Donuterie is an example of a business that puts a creative twist to a regular donut store by going local with its ingredients. With this stand-out “ingredient” in their business model, the business has positioned itself as a sustainable company in Vancouver. Now is the time for me to try these famous donuts! Omnomnomnom.