“For the hardcore travelers, our sustenance lies in those perfectly surreal moments that you just stumble upon by mistake.”
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Travel bug is back.

It’s almost two months since my last post which means I’m lazy but I should not give up on this blog. So many things had happened since then. It consisted mainly of work, travel, more work and more travel. It wasn’t like that back in September. I got a bit scared when I didn’t do much traveling in my first two months in Germany. I think the reason behind it was I was still settling in and adjusting to a new work and life schedule in a new city. So I decided to do a 5-weekend back to back traveling to get my travel bug going again. Some people probably thought I was crazy. I thought I was crazy to do that as well. After long hours in the car, train, bus and plane, I would never forget these trips mainly because I learned two things:

1. Never hesitate to go back to a place for the second time. The second time will just be as good as the first one or even better. The first time I go to a new city, I tend to do all the tourist stuff. I learned that going to the same place the second time around, I can enjoy the city like a local.

2. Traveling doesn’t have to be stressful and always go, go, go. Learning to relax and to just go with the flow is sometimes the best way to explore the city.

So here it is, from Munich to Cologne to Manchester to Berlin to Prague – 5 weekends of back to back traveling and it had made me miss Nuremberg and my bed so much. Here are my favorite moments during my time away:

Munich – Discovered how beautiful Bavaria is and finally visited Neuschwanstein aka Disney Castle!!


Eeek Disney Castle!!

Cologne – Mick Flannery concert and Ibis Budget Hotel. I wish I took a photo of our room in Ibis Budget. It’s unbelievable. You have to see it to believe why it is a “budget” hotel. Ooh disco shower 😉

My flatmate loves Mick Flannery

Oh Rhine River ❤

Manchester – Time to reminisce the good times. Being back in Manchester was so good. First of all, it was good to be in an English-speaking country. Second, it was good to be back in the city where one of the most important parts of my life began.

Can’t even describe how happy I was to see these people ❤

Time to catch up with this lovely lady 🙂

and I found the best store in the world right in Manchester Airport…LONELY PLANET SHOP!

Berlin – Food, food, food and assisting Raissa to YOLO.

This view never gets old

Had the best time in Berlin with this girl ❤

Prague – Catch up time with an old friend in this beautiful city.

Praha ❤

Catching up with an old friend is always good.

I leave you with a Thought Catalog post a close friend of mine sent me. It definitely got my heart racing and reaffirmed me how much traveling means so much to me. It’s not just saying “Oh, I’ve been to this place and that place and it’s off my bucket list”. It’s more about discovering and appreciating the city and its people. I love points 5 & 6. Traveling is definitely one of the most fruitful investments of my life. It continues to help me find myself and to trust Him when I go wandering all over this world.